Kore wa Zombie desu ka? 01 – Yes, I’m a Witch.


Kore wa Zombie desu ka?

「はい、魔装少女です」 (Hai, Masou Shoujo Desu)
“Yes, I’m a Witch Girl”

Hands up whoever thought this show was going to be somewhat like Highschool of the Dead only crapper because of Studio DEEN? I certaintly did…minus the Studio DEEN bit. So, I’m covering for InstraClassic again before I watch Thursday’s anime. It’s gonna be a real quick post, though.

So here we have Kore wa Zombie desu ka?, a show that take a spin on what seems to be the popular zombie genre and gave it a little twisted. There are no outbreaks of monsters in this show. The main character, Ayumu Aikawa is a zombie who was resurrected by Eucliwood Hellsycthe, or Yuu for short. She’s a necromancer who doesn’t speak but eats a lot. Ayumu is a zombie meaning he can’t die. He can take on fatal wounds and not be killed.


"It's okay, I got this!"

Okay now they're just taking the piss.

Joining the show is Haruna, a “masou-shoujo” in her own right. I was confused at first by the term “masou” used instead of “mahou“. I did a little bit of research and the “ma” (魔 ) from mahou means “witch”. So on paper she’s a witch but the term masou-shoujo is supposed to be a pun on the term mahou-shoujo. That should clear up any confusion.


Straight in the gut.

Now what I like about the main character of this show is that while he may be the target of abuse, given that he’s near invincible, he isn’t a pussy who can’t do shit right like a lot of other protaganist. My guy here above is fighting with his bare hands. He says that as a human, 100% of their potent power is locked off. However, he’s a zombie and that effect doesn’t apply to him. However, even though he’s invincible, he’s arms and legs can break.

Next week, we’re gonna meet Seraphim (or Sera for short) the Kyuketsu-Ninja (吸血忍者) or Vampire Ninja. Can’t wait!

[18:56:46] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky: What did you think of the first episode of Kore wa Zombie?
[18:57:33] 4Saken Virtuoso: It was not what I was expecting. I was expecting zombie apocalypse or someething around those lines.
[18:59:14] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky: Suprised me as well. I’m not sure if this show is following canon material or if it’s a completely original show, but Studio Deen might be onto a winner here.
[18:59:25] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky: High School of the Dead was a popular show in the Summer
[18:59:42 | Edited 18:59:47] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky: So taking that Zombie genre and twisting is pretty good
[18:59:50] 4Saken Virtuoso: Definately.
[19:00:09] 4Saken Virtuoso: The fact that he’s near invincible is awesome too.
[19:02:56] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky: “Near” invincible?
[19:03:01] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky: I mean, I don’t think he can die
[19:03:17] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky: But if you mean being able to break his bones and stuff, well then that’s only natural for zombie. xD
[19:03:23] 4Saken Virtuoso: His body will break before that happens
[19:03:54] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky: In the OP he was able to punch that monster to the stars without any consequences xD
[19:03:57] 4Saken Virtuoso: True.


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