GOSICK 01 – The Black Reaper Finds the Golden Fairy



「黒い死神は金色の妖精を見つける」 (Kuroi Shinigami wa Kin-iro no Yousei wo Mitsukeru)
“The Black Reaper Finds the Golden Fairy”

Yeah, this is late and the 2nd episode of the show just came out. However, Instraclassic has had his internet taken away from, and I don’t know how long that’s gonna be for, so I’ll be covering for GOSICK, Kore wa Zombie and IS: Infinite Stratos in the mean time. I’m not doing Wolverine, simply because I’m not watching that show.

Now, I wanna talk about this show as if it’s just the first episode that’s been released, but I can’t so I’m not even gonna make this post long because, as I said before, this isn’t my show to cover. So I’ll just say what I thought of the episode. I should make note that I’m not a reader of the novels or the manga, so this is all new to me. The episode itself was fairly entertaining, though the mystery that Grevil presented to Victorique near the beginning was an easy enough mystery to solve, and to be honest I knew it was the maid that killed the woman in that room. If there was no murder weapon inside the locked room and the wound was in her eye, then it could ONLY have been the maid, since she shot at the door and I noticed that she was being a little to precise about where to shoot the lock. (For the record I’ve been playing a lot of Ace Attorney games lately and still am.)

I’ve been reading around and quite a handful of people either don’t like GOSICK at all or didn’t like the episode. Mainly because of it’s fast pacing. I mean, I personally don’t mind fast pacing, though most of the time, I don’t notice. Other people just found it rather boring. I like to think of it as a mix between Sherlock Holmes and Kuroshitsuji.

So anyway, 2nd episode is out, so I’m gonna do some stuff and then watch that. I might have to blog that episode as well, depending on when InstraClassic gets back.

[17:50:55] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky: just curious. who else watched GOSICK here?
[17:51:06] James: me
[17:51:10] Jordan: Me
[17:51:16] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky: How’d you two find it?
[17:51:59] James: I liked it
[17:52:55] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky: You didn’t think the pacing was off or anything? Because that’s what a lot of people have been saying.
[17:53:03] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky: Not that I particularly agree, though.
[17:53:24] James: no, seemed fine to me
[17:53:43] Jordan: I didn’t mind the pacing, but I guess I’ve never read the manga so I don’t know what it was supposed to be like originally.
[17:53:59] Cydonia: Pacing was off in what way? Did people think it was slow?
[17:54:03] James: yeah I never read it either, so didn’t bother me
[17:54:09] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky: Same here
[17:54:15] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky: But people thought the pacing was pretty fast.
[17:54:31] James: who knows
[17:54:36] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky: Too fast in some cases.
[17:54:54] James: if you want off pacing watch the first episode of Tsubasa Chronicles
[17:54:58] James: XD
[17:55:18] 【M E R R Y】 McTricky: Haha xD
[17:55:44] Cydonia: I prefer fast pacing in some cases
[17:55:52] Cydonia: Lots of animes are waaaaaaay too slow
[17:55:53] James: XD


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