Yuna Confirmed For Brawl


Yuna in her X outfit.

So Fractale is loading and I’m waiting for the rest of Thursday’s anime to come out, so I thought I’d just say something about Yuna being in Dissidia 012.I think I speak for everyone when I say that Auron should have been in this game instead of Yuna. If not Auron then at LEAST Rikku. Actually, I would’ve preferred Rikku over Auron to be honest. Though I do think Rikku (X-2) would be a Zidane clone, but if they somehow implement Rikku’s Mix and Alchemist-like abilities into the fray, you might just have a pretty cool character. And her EX-Burst could either be an original attack, or pay homage to the character and have her use her Machina Maw dressphere.

But Yuna. At first, I totally would have preferred her to be in her X-2 outfit, but now I actually like the idea of her being in her summoner outfit. From reading the scan (well, what I could read from it), she’s going to be making the use of Ixion, Shiva and Bahamut freely in battle. Hell, I wonder how her movement in a fight would be like? I honestly can’t imagine Yuna swiftly dashing across the field.

Now that Yuna is in this game, Seymour now becomes relevant, but at this point I don’t see his inclusion happening since each game apart from I-III, V, and VI has had at least one new character announced for each of them. I don’t see another character appearing for I, II, III, or V, which then leaves VI and IX. There’s a whole load of characters from VI that can be included, but Celes and Locke seem to be the most relevant. Though it’d be awesome to see Sabin suplex ExDeath at some point. As for IX, I’m calling Vivi, Steiner or Freya. Tetsuya Nomura would just be messing with our heads if Quina was confirmed for brawl.


In any case, I cannot wait for the release of this game. In theory, it’d be silly for me to get the Japanese version since the North American AND European version comes out just a few weeks after. I live in UK, London. As far as video games go, we either get games last, or not at all.


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