Star Driver 13 – The Red Sword In Love

The Red Sword in Love.

This episode was rather interesting and gave us a bit of backstory behind Benio. While I have to say that I think this show is becoming some sort of sly harem, what with the amount of females Takuto’s involved with. I’m also aware I’m a bit late with this post, but since a few shows (including this one) took a break for the New Year period, I thought I’d take it easy and post this a bit later, but before the next episode airs.

Poor Takuto didn't know what almost hit him.

So recently, Benio won the national kendo championships and has appeared at Sugata’s house for a friendly match and continue training in the ancient Shindo style. Instead of fighting Sugata, he gets Takuto to fight Benio instead under the guise of his apprentice. So, they have their match, with Takuto wielding two kendo sticks. Benio takes the first strike only to have her more or less disappear in front of Takuto and strike from behind. It all happened so fast. After winning, Benio insists that she fights Sugata, but he says that she should fight him one last time as he won’t lose the next time. Annoyed, she leaves. Kinda makes you wonder who’s better. Benio (Scarlett Kiss) or Takashi (Banker)?

Never mind Benio being in the bath with him. Isn't Takuto's towel a bit...small?

Afterwards, Takuto is still troubled about his recent loss, and just like in Episode 2, Benio appears in the pool with him. They have a short conversation about Sugata and how Takuto sleeps at his place sometimes. When the rest of the guys come to the pool she disappears. Seriously, just how does she do that? Back in his OWN dorm, Takuto is sleeping (in the same clothes he wears everyday, I might add) and Benio manages to sneak a kiss in. At first I thought this was bad, considering what her First Phase is, which is to control any man she kisses. But it’s revealed that her First Phase ability no longer works. I’m not sure why, though. Maybe because her Peshent was destroyed? Still, it was funny to see how quick Takuto reacted to that kiss.

She is not serious.

I'm concerned on a number of levels.

I find it hard to believe that this is the same woman from Episode 5.

In this week’s Kiraboshi meeting, Manticore raises of the issue of the fact that they’re keeping teams without Cybodies around. President re-instates the fact that without her team’s funding and the Science Guild’s technology, they don’t actually have a project to run. Manticore notes that Scarlett Kiss’ team, Filament don’t have any Cybodies (with George, Tetsuya and Benio’s Cybodies destroyed by Takuto) so there’s no reason for them to exist anymore. But we’re forgetting that they’re able to repair broken Cybodies. The only problem is that there’s a risk to the Driver. And since they have no volunteers to be the Science Guild’s guinea pig, they have no data to go on, so if anyone actually does try it out, they cannot, in fact, guarantee the Driver’s life. Benio appears to be troubled by this.

She's all serious business.

Later on Benio is seen running as part of her training, and stops at a certain point by the ocean. Keito appears before her and Benio recognises her as a first year, and nothing more. This means that they do not know each other. So when Keito broke out the “KIRABOSHI” greeting, it was only then she realized that she was Ivrogne. That was weird. At first I thought this scene was a flashback, but I soon realised that it wasn’t. They actually don’t know each other outside the Kiraboshi. You’d think they’d know who their members are… In any case, Sugata and Head are seen having another conversation, and this time Head is actually painting a canvas this time. I can tell there’s supposed to be some sort of meaning to their conversations, especially with it revolving around Sugata himself. Keito says that Sugata is special as he apprivoised even though it would cost him his life. I guess this is supposed to be some sort of incentive for Benio to man up and take the first step and revive her Cybody at the cost of her own life. Keito also makes note that the clans that lost their marks couldn’t match up to the Shinada family. It’s revealed that the members of Filament grew up together and their families had different connections to different marks, but for some unknown reason, they were lost. The marks are the symbols some Drivers have on their chest that allows them to apprivoise without the use of a Cybercasket. Takuto, Takashi (hinted at), Sugata and the maidens have this mark as far as I know.

I believe this is the first time I've seen Ivrogne's full body outfit. I can hardly see Manticore's :I

So with the preparations in place the first experiment for reviving a Cybody takes place. Scarlett Kiss is determined to revive Peshent, her Cybody. She apprivoises and the process begins. She is sent into her self-concious and we get a flashback of when her times with Sugata when they were kids. Sugata was a prince and was bethrothed to a Maiden, and Benio’s clan had lost their mark so she was no longer worthy enough to be with him. She gains her resolve that she’s still a Star Driver without her mark her Cybody Peshent is revived. “WATASHI WA MADA…! WATASHI WA MADA…! SUTA DARAIBA DAAAA!!!”

The original Peshent.

Our trio is pulled into Zero Time, and once again, Wako seemed to have been occupied with something as she’s got a corncob in her hand. Taktuto gets his GAME ON and apprivoises Tauburn. As the enemy Cybody appears, Sugata immediately recognizes it as the same Cybody he hi-jacked to fight Takuto. If we remember correctly, the Peshent didn’t just blow up in spectacular fashion; it more or less disintergated into dust. Scarlett Kiss summons her Star Sword Rubis and Takuto does the same. Scarlett Kiss notes that she’s always admired the strong since she was a child and fell in love with Sugata. She takes the first strikes and then feints an attack to dodge. Sugata immediately recognizes who Takuto is fighting. However, Takuto is not gonna fall for the same trick twice and once Peshent goes in for the ambush, Tauburn immediately smacks her in the neckand then blows up in spectacular fashion as usual. Sugata doesn’t seem all that troubled that they can repair Cybodies now, for some reason.



After the fight, we see a scene where Benio is challenging Takuto to another kendo bout. This is for her to test whether or not his victory in Zero Time was a fluke. She takes first strike and disappears behind him, but Takuto is on point and does the same thing he did in Zero Time…minus making contact of course. Benio makes note that if she hadn’t fought him in the beginning, she would have won. WELP.


Her face is just priceless.

Also some more bedroom plugging in this episode. With Mizuno's room it was plugging the show's OP "Gravity O". Here they're plugging Sakana-chan's insert song "Monochrome" and a song called "Drive Star" which I can only assume will be the 2nd OP for the show (cuz I heard it's getting one).


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