Starry☆Sky Prologue – The Capricorn

"Several colours which are totally different and fostered at each place, will gather in this blue sky before long, becoming a richly coloured rainbow."

First I wanna say a couple of things about this show. It’s an adaptation of a popular Drama CD/game by the same name: Starry☆Sky. As I had previously thought, from watching the preview episode, I gather that the main demographic this show is aimed towards are females who love bishounen (pretty boy) anime/manga. Also, the title names will be named in order according to the 13 star signs. Yes, there is a third, and not a lot of people know that. It’s called Ophiuchus. There are 12 main males in the series, each representing the 12 star signs, so I’m imagining that each episode will focus on each male. Wow, what a title I chose to cover. Sa, hajimete yo.

Our Capricorn representative, Henri.

We are introduced to our first character. His name is Henri. Well, at least that’s his French name, since he’s half-French. His Japanese name is Yoh Tomoe. But for the meantime, I’ll refer to him as Henri. The episode starts out with him sitting in his room reminiscing the time when he was young and was staring out into the night sky with his telescope by the lake. It’s seen here that he was quite a timid young lad, after tripping and telescope he starts to sob a little bit. But a young girl, about the same age as him finds it, and returns it to him.

Tsukiko Yahiso is the main heroine of the actual game, whom you can name whoever you want.

The two go on to have a conversation about the sky and how much they like it. It’s one of the those melancholic scene, really. The young girl makes note of Henri’s eyes, saying that they’re really pretty. Henri gets a little shy and says that he doesn’t like his eyes because people say they look like the eyes of a wizard. The girl finally introduces herself as Tsukiko Yahisa, and the flashback ends. It’s quite apparent that this Tsukiko girl is pretty important to our red-headed friend here.

Henri's mom, Inami.

Currently, Henri is living in France with his parents. His mom, Imari, comes saying that he should get some sleep, and ask if he’s finished packing. Henri then apologizes for his “selfish request”. We don’t know what that means yet, but it’s apparent that he’s intent on seeing Tsukiko again.

Nice uniform.

We are shifted towards Henri’s first day at this high school called Seigetsu Academy. A guy named Naoshi Haruki is walking with our Henri and says that the school actually used to be an all-boys school until just recently, and now it’s a co-ed school. However, most of the students who enrolled were male. Well, fuck. He goes to explain that in this academy there’s the Star-Reading department, Astronomy department, Mythology department, Space department, Constellation department and the Western Astrology department. However, Henri isn’t interested in that. He’s more interested in the key thing that the guy said earlier. He said that MOST of the students were male, meaning that there has to be at least one female enrolled to the academy. That is true, and there is ONLY one female in the school right now. And to Henri’s luck, it just so happens to be Tsukiko Yahisa! Not only that, but she’s in the same class as him. Now, I think that’s a little TOO convenient.

Henri's parents.

We then get another flashback, that goes back to a more recent time. In fact, this scene took place before the scene with Henri reminincing at the beginning. It’s revealed that Henri’s dad, Raul will going to America due to his thesis gaining recognition. If it’s approved, he’ll be moving there to do astrological research. His dad, asks if he wants to come along, since it’s his dream as well, and Henri hastily affirms, but then remembers Tsukiko and says that he wants to go to Japan instead and meet someone before he joins his parents in America. This was the “selfish request” that was mentioned earlier in the episode.

Finally get to see her face, as it was quite obscure in this scene.

Back to the present time, there seems to be a girl in a classroom speaking to some boys. Henri is introduced as a transfer student and introduces himself by his Japanese name, Yoh Tomoe. His seat is next to Tsukiko’s. Again, way too convenient for him. She greets him as if she doesn’t remember him, but Henri remembers her completely and states that they’ve met before. And the episdoe ends as such. Fun fact: Tsukiko is voiced Fumiko Orikasa, who’s most noticable role is Rukia Kuchiki from Bleach.

The ending theme was really cool.

As for my first impressions on the show, I don’t really have too much too say. The show did start of really slow, but for some reason I wasn’t bored. Time kept shifting back and forth making it confusing for first-time watchers. I was writing this whilst I was watching it for the second time to get everything down and understand it better. The animation/art style isn’t all that great, but it isn’t bad either. I guess for a show like this, it doesn’t really need to be all that extravagant. I’m hoping for things to pick up next episode. The ED is really cool, btw. If you’re wanting about the poor screencaps it’s because this episode was a pre-air that was streamed on on Thursday 23rd December. The first episode will air again properly on the 3rd February on Sun TV.

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