Hyakkaryouran: Samurai Girls 12 [END] – Season Finale

This week had epic. Lots and lots of epic.

It’s  over. The final episode of Hyakkaryouran: Samurai Girls came upon us and the finale was pretty enjoyable to watch. However, it left a lot of holes, so I think a second season is in order. Whether or not we’ll get one, I don’t know. For this post, I’m doing a “The Episode In Pictures” style of post, since at the time of writing this, it just hit Christmas Day and preparations are in order.Last episode we were left with the cliffhanger that the next time Muneakira and Jubei kiss, the cute, bubbly (and annoying) persona of Jubei will forever disappear and will be taken over by the true (and awesome) Jubei.

However, there wasn't much hesitation over whether or not she'll kiss him when Muneakira asked.

Meanwhile, Gisen is reviving Amakusa in some way. This process involves boobs.

With Jubei Yagyuu up and ready to fight, she tells Muneakira that the bond between him and Sen and Yukimura can be strengthened even greater now that he’s a true general. All he needs to do is kiss them once more. He kisses Yukimura first, followed by SenHime afterwards. Then, epic started. Their aim was to break through the enemy’s attacks (in the form of tentacles) and break into get Jubei to break into Gisen’s barrier. This led to some very good co-operation between Muneakira and his master samurai as he was shouting out various different orders, which I thought was really good and made this scene all the more great. We also got to see two new attacks from Yukimura and Sen.

Yukimura's was: Zekkuzan (絶空斬) which translates as Severing Sky Cut.

Sen's skill was Raiouga (雷皇牙) which translates as Lightning Emperor Fang.

From this I can tell that most of Yukimura’s skills are Wind-based attacks with the likes of Zekkuzan and Senbushou, which a couple of defense magic that she’s known since before she became a master samurai. Most of Sen’s skills are Lightning based, with the likes of Denko Sekka, Raikousen, and Raiouga. Though, she also has that one Fire/Earth based skill, Bakuen Senpa. To my memory, Jubei never used named attacks apart from Zaneisen from last episdoe. Also, Hanzou would be the only non-master samurai of the group to use a named attack and that was Rasen Tessa, from episode 7.


OMG. MUNEAKIRA CUT SOMETHING. He hasn't used his sword since Episode 1.


Jubei finally makes it through with the help of her companions and enters Gisen's dome.

Their fight doesn't really last long as Jubei is soon within the mercy of Gisen's scissor swords.


It's interesting to see our hard-edged samurai looks so vulnerable.

But yeah, while it seems that she's destroying her left boob, she's actually draining all of her power, and life force.

Meanwhile, Yoshihiko and Nia (whom I seriously thought were dead, but I can’t be too surprised, really) are seen and come to the aid of Muneakira and the others.


If memory serves, Nia did actually die but was resurrected by the kiss of Yoshihiko, giving her a true master samurai mark. At least it's on her hand, instead of in a questionable place like her boobs.

Anyway, Jubei's in trouble so Muneakira tries to connect with Jubei.

This in turn, semi-revives the old Jubei (the blue-eyed one), and she is able to retaliate back at Gisen with one eye of each Jubei; as shown in the opening picture. This in turn, breaks out into an epic showdown between the two Yagyuus. What I didn’t like about this portion of the episode was that everything was in black and white. It may have been to exaggerate the effect of the two auras (White = Gisen and Black = Jubei), but still it was slightly hard on the eyes for some people, and even I couldn’t catch everything that went on. Gisen more or less served as the main antagonist of the series, though an underling for the reviving Amakuka Shirou. One thing that was really great about this section was Aoi Yuuki’s performance as Jubei. For such a young voice actress, she’s really talented, being able to make that last shouting remark at Gisen as the normal (blue-eyed) Jubei. Excellent vocal range, she has. Said voice actress also has an upcoming role in Mahou Shoujou Madoka Magica, as the character Madoka. But I’m going off-track. That said, the game was, that to truly defeat Gisen she had to sacriface herself and push out of the earth’s atmosphere and into outer space.

Where they both incinerate in epic fashion.

Jubei’s death didn’t really have so much of an impact on me, I think the whole thing was just weakly delievered. There wasn’t enough connection between me and the character, nor was did I feel there was enough connection between her and Muneakira. The finale was dramatic, albeit a tad cliché, but what they hey. This series delievered something quite fantastic. A lot of people compared it to Queen’s Blade at first glance, I believe and gave this a miss. Wrong choice. This is definintely worth seeing. From the amazing art/animation style, and the great music by Tatsuya Katou, this anime brought a lot more to the table than “Oh, it’s just another Sengoku Basara with big boobed bimbos and excessive fanservice.” It held a decent story line through out with interesting characters. One thing I wished could have happened was a bit more character development on Matabei’s side. As the Hyakkaryouran Motion Manga, said, she’s more or less just the “Guardian with a spear and loincloth”. There wasn’t really much to her, other than the fact that’s she’s extremely loyal and loves baths.

For the series as a whole, I’m giving this a solid 7/10.



Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magica


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