Star Driver 12 – WITH A PUNCH!!

Awesome was to be had in this episode.

This episode was quite delightful because it focused on Kanako a bit and it really made appreciate and understand her character a bit more other than seeing her as the class whore.So this was quite the episode, really. The show decided to shift focus on her habit of kissing boys through the glass. The episode begins like it did last episode with Kanako disrupting the class by talking to Takuto in front of her. She goes on to say about how she’s kissed over 80 boys through the glass yet Takuto hasn’t done it with her once. She goes onto say that Takuto is very slim and he has broad shoulders. On the other side of the class, Wako seems to display some level of jealousy, something that hasn’t so much been shown amongst the girls as of late.


Later on in the episode, Benio and Simone visit Takuto during the weekend because Simone has something for Takuto. Simone delivers an invite to Takuto. It’s from Kanako inviting him for a simple lunch date. Takuto accepts, but not without stating that he was glad to have been visited by a “pretty blonde with cute blue eyes” which causes Simone to blush, showing a rather cute side to her usual stoic behaviour. In fact, this episode shows quite a few moments where Simone’s expression changes to some drastic extent.


Now, Takuto arrives at the local café where Kanako is waiting. As he walks in, the owner of the café notes that a hot chick he’s never seen before (refering to Kanako) is here, to which Takuto replies that she’s his date. The two get talking and she gets onto to the subject about how she has fantasies about Takuto… Um ok. There was one part that I found quite interesting. The owner of the café announces that their food is ready and hands Takuto a cup of tea and Kanako a strawberry sundae. Kanako states that they didn’t even order anything to which the owner casually replies “It’s on the house.” Such a sly dog, that guy.

Personally, I think Kanako has the best look in her Kirahoshi outfit.

Later on, we have our obligitory weekly Kirahoshi meeting. It’s revealed to us that there isn’t any real rush to fix Manticore’s cybody, Ayingott since they need to work out  more effiecient way to repair cybodies. Reason being, is that there’s a risk involved with powering up the broken cybodies. They require the power’s life force. It’s speculated that this could be the same method how Samekh‘s previous pilots were never heard from again. If the person’s energy is insuffiecient then the person’s life force is drained. I guess Sugata’s life energy must’ve have been enough to successfully apprivoise Samekh without any repercussions, allowing him to apprivoise Samekh at will. Anyway, later President appears to Takuto at night. Funny how Takuto doesn’t recognize the green flowing hair, but oh well. Takuto states that he will destroy every single on of their cybodies to which President says that what he’s doing is only making things worse.

Well now. Takashi is one lucky guy.

Later, Kanako invites George over. You guys remember George, right? “GINGA BISHOUNEN KA????!!!!” The captain of the school’s boxing club and the first person to lose to the Galactic Pretty Boy. Kanako wishes to have a sparring match with George Honda to get herself in shape for her intended fight with the Galactic Pretty Boy, making her the second squad leader (first one being Professor Green) to face Takuto. As much to my surprise, Kanako quickly knocks out George with a straight punch and then a right hook, defeating him with quick haste.

"I'M WET!!"

Now, backed with the West Maiden’s hymn, President apprivoises and everyone is pulled into Zero Time. Her cybody, Betraida faces Tauburn in a boxing ring-like arena. Can I note that since Wako was pulled into Zero Time, while she was brushing her teeth, and I found it amusing and kind of cute that she was talking and shouting out Takuto’s name in concern with her toothbrush in her mouth. That aside, President breaks Takuto’s guard and beats the crap out of Takuto. But Takuto still has some fight left in him. He then bangs out a new move, called PAIRU KURASSHA and finishes her off in spectacular fashion. At least it’s better than the boring Galactic Cross Slash we see all the time. President gets her badge taken and the guy states that she can’t be the leader no more. But President remarks that if they keep losing, no one will. The next morning…


I mean, they did kinda just have a brawl to the death. But oh well.





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