Sora no Otoshimono Forte 12 [END] – Season Finale

"We've reached the end of the season!!"

Again, like Hyakkaryouran, I haven’t blogged this series since Episode 4. In any case, here we have the final episode of Sora no Otoshimono Forte. After what was an epic episode last week, what with the battle against Adult Chaos, the season ends on a light-hearted note.So, after the epic fight against Adult Chaos last week, Daedelus is busy returning Chaos to her nature loli form. Surprisingly, there isn’t much conversation with Daedelus and Tomoki at this point, since I’m sure they’ve got a lot to talk about with each other. In any case, Daedelus’ is just happy that Tomoki is the general Master of Ikaros and Nymph (isn’t though it isn’t official yet) because he shows love for them. However, Ikaros has few things of her own to discuss with Tomoki, but she didn’t get a chance to.

I believe this to be one of Tomoki's biggest perverted acts yet.

So here’s something I didn’t expect. One final comdeic antic before the show ends. And of course we can’t end it without Tomoko showing up! So, there’s one last Phys. Ed class with the girls in the pool and the girls are getting ready to go in. But Tomoko has converted herself to become one with the water, allowing him to grope with whomever is in the pool. But after Tomoko tosses Nymph aside because of her small bust (similar to what she did to her in Episode 9), Nymph soon figures out who is behind this and teams up with Sohara to deal with it. They find the wheel that controls the water in the pool and causes Tomoko and the water to go down the drain.

A girl is peeing in the cubicle next to her. MIND = BLOWN

Tomoko gets flushed out and manages to come out somewhere in the school grounds instead of being sent out into the ocean. But she isn’t let off easy. Mikako has every girl in the school hunting for her, and Tomoko finds herself hiding inside the girls bathroom. Unfortunately for him, Nymph, Ikaros, Sohara and Mikako also enter, and they soon realize she’s there. Being the sadist that Mikako is, she is already equipped with a saw to unlock the door, which Sohara gladly takes. With nowhere left to run or hide, Tomoko is left with no choice put to propell himself with the force of the flush, but instead Sohara pushes him down the toilet, sending him on a one-way ride through the city’s water system and out into the ocean.

Simply beautiful.

So at the last part of the episode we finally address what’s been sitting in Ikaros’ mind for a while now: Tomoki’s proposal. Mikako arranges a wedding for the two, and after two nearly kiss, Tomoki snaps out of it, saying that he can’t marry Ikaros and that he doesn’t remember proposing in the first place. Mikako pulls an interesting game where she brings out Sohara, Nymph and Astrea decked out in bridal dresses and Tomoki is prompted to answer who out of the girls she would choose. Of course, Mikako states that she’s already taken. Ei’s a lucky man. Tomoki is unable to back out of this either, but ironically enough, Loli Chaos falls out of the sky screaming “Onii-chan~~~!”


One big happy family.

At the end, Loli Chaos joins the gang of 1st Gen Angeloids. And that was the end of that. We may not be given a 3rd season, but a Sora no Otoshimono movie was announced at the end of this episdoe which apparently will cover the arc involving Hiyori.

So as a quick general summary of what I thought of the series, I really enjoyed what the show had to offer. You either had a comical antic episode, or a serious episode, or both which was executed well. AIC did lean towards original anime content rather than following the canon sometimes, but I can’t complain since I’ve not read the manga. After this I might start following the manga, and I can’t wait for that movie to come out. ^^


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