Hyakkaryouran: Samurai Girls 11 – Mode Change

Epic is about to go DOWN.

Well now, it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted here. For a while now I haven’t been able to access/log in to any websites. That includes WordPress, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, etc. I got it fixed yesterday. Turned out my mom accidentally selected “Filter Cookies” when she reset our internet (because it previously wasn’t working at all). ANYWHO, I haven’t covered an episode of Hyakkaryouran since Episode 4. Things have really taken a turn for the epic side recently. We got some character development on SenHime and Hanzou’s side in Episode 7, Gisen entered the show with her slutty ways, and then revealed to the group that she has a general much stronger named Amakusa Shirou. She uses her demon eye to put Muneakira under a spell, and Gisen has control of his inner mind. Also, Yoshihiko comes back to the dojo a week early along with Charles (whom I’m referring to Nia from now on). He’s a bit of a dick and captures the gang, but orders his soldiers (who are all decked out looking like Master Chief from Halo) to keep Muneakira and Jubei alive so he can take genetic samples of them. His plan is to take Jubei’s master samurai genes and create artificial master samurai clones, yadda yadda. Sen, Yukimura and the gang manage to escape and save Muneakira, but Yoshihiko and Nia stand in their way. And that’s the gist of what’s happened up until now.So with Muneakira free from Gisen’s spell, he kisses Jubei and awakens her Master Samurai persona, and it seem that she’s ready to cut shit up.

I was ready for it. They're ready for it.

Despite Muneakira's pleas to Jubei not to cut shit up (particularly Yoshihiko), Jubei's still intent on killing him. I mean, why did you summon Jubei if you don't want her to fight?

Now, in the previous episode, Nia had betrayed Yoshikiko by disobeying his order to kill Sen, Yukimura and Muneakira because she of the the special bond between the two master samurai and their general, particularly the love bit. But when Jubei goes to kill off Yoshihiko, Nia intervenes and an epic fight between those two ensues. And here begins the array of Nia’s Mode Changes.

She also has an Ice Mode but I forgot to screencap it. It was quite an intense fight.

We even got pantsu shots.

Zaneisen - "Cutting Shadow Flash"

Ugh, subs, that's kinda wrong. Hyouga - "Ice Fang"

So anyway, Nia stops fighting and she begins to shed tears. It is then revealed that Nia and Yoshihiko were once lovers up until he trick her and used her for an experiment eventually turning her into an artificual master samurai. Yoshihiko continues to treat her like shit, but Nia kind of endures it, because regardless, he’s her general and she loves him.

She's so sweet.

Eventually, Muneakira goes batshit insane...

And single-handedly breaks the chains that holds him when Jubei is out, fully awakening himself as a general.

But here’s the interesting thing. Instead of charging in to attack Yoshihiko himself like any normal protaganist would probably do, he actually got on his hands and knees and begged Yoshihiko to stop this conflict. Now that was something, I tell ya.

Elsewhere, Gisen has finished conjuring up a spell that she's been casting since the start of the episode.

The spell slowly begins to destroy the dojo.

Back inside, the building is falling apart and  everyone high-tails it out of there. However as a huge bit of debris begins to fall on top of Yoshihiko, Nia takes the blow for him. Yoshihiko, being the dick that he is, demands to know why the fuck she saved him. Then a piece of origami falls out of her cleavage, the shape of a japanese samurai helmet, symbolizing the act to protect. Then they both (seemingly) die together. Kinda bittersweet. And weird how they can get thrown into rocks and be ok, but when rocks are thrown onto them, they die. Oh well.

We're left with the cliffhanger that now that Muneakira has fully awakened as a general, the next time normal Jubei kisses Muneakira, she will be erased and the awesome Jubei will forever take over.


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