Star Driver 08 – Takuto vs Sugata


Takuto is really flimsy with his punches.


I’m aware that Star Driver 09 came out just now, but this episode is really good, and I just wanna right about it quickly. I have the 9th episode downloading as I speak. So this is the episode I’ve been waiting for. A showdown between Takuto and Sugata.But before we go on to that, we get some bad news. Head has released the North Maiden from her birdcage prison. I don’t think I can live without her weekly stories of Sam The Fisherman and her hymn. D;


She's finally free. No more Tauburn apprivoising with her providing beautiful vocals.

Mandatory every episode.


I also want to bring our attention to something interesting I found out about this episode. Particularly this scene:


Keito, Wako, the North Maiden, and this new character all got on the bus to somehwere. No one else. (Also that bus is quite space, but oh well.)

Two of these girls are maidens. You've got the North Maiden on the right and you've got Wako, the South Maiden on the left.


It’s speculated that Keito and the other pink-haired girl are maidens as well. It does make sense, though.


I'm guessing that Keito is the East Maiden, despite being part of the Glittering Crux. Might also be why the camera always shows her listening to conversations in class, given that she sits in front of Takuto.

And I'm guessing this chick here is the West Maiden.



-Oh, Star Driver 9 just finished downloading. Sweet.-

A other things of note.


One of the two prettiest girls in this show.


She's the other pretty one, even though she's a little whore.


By the way, at that point, she kissed a picture of Sugata at that point. Her first phase controls any man she kisses. So it doesn’t have to be direct? I mean, she DID kiss him directly last episode anyway. Eh, I’m confused.


Anyway, Sugata and Takuto have their little talk up on the cliffside.


Also this scene was quite cool, because of the view of the sunset.

I forget what they were talking about, but the gist of it was about Sugata’s change in attitude. He ignored Wako and knew full well that the bag she kept holding was his present. Takuto claims that Sugata hides his true face from everyone. Sugata says that Takuto is no different. Why did Takuto swim all the way to the island when it could have cost him his life? That’s a good question. Anyway, at some point Takuto takes a punch at Sugata, but he catches it.


What is his first phase, anyway? Was it the King's Pillar?

Just breaking the tension.


Anyway, so everyone is sent into Zero time. The opponent? Scarlet. She has Sugata trapped inside her Cybody and fuses the power of Samekh with her Cybody, giving her the upper hand. But oh wait! Sugata overcomes his synopsis and hi-jacks the control over the Cybody. NOW it’s a fight between Sugata and Takuto.


I don't think I've seen a shot of the Ginga Bishounen's full body outfit. It looks really cool.


At first, Samekh is brutally beating the crap out of Tauburn.


Cocky bastard.

I'm surprised he didn't bring out his Star Swords, to be honest.

Oh...well...that was...uh...easy.

So, I’m about to go and watch Episode 9 now. We’re getting treated to 2 new characters. One is that pink haired girl mentioned in this post, and the other is a new member of the Glittering Crux.




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