Star Driver 06 – Turning Point

What's HER problem?

Is it me, or are all the 6th episodes of each of the new fall anime just really good. Man Star Driver was really good this week. The first half of the episode was pretty normal. Takuto and Wako went out shopping in town for some stuff, and they generally had a good time. When they finally settled down at the café, Wako began talking about Sugata. We find out that he is able to apprivoise. There are 3 kinds of Cybodies. The ones Takuto and the others apprivoise are Warrior Cybodies. The ones Wako apprivoise are Maiden Cybodies. The ones Sugata can apprivoise are King Cybodies. However, whilst he CAN apprivoise, he SHOULDN’T because everybody who has apprivoised a King Cybody has fallen into a deep sleep and have never been awakened.So afterwards, the two arrive back home and asks Wako to sing her song outside Sugata’s training house as a present, since that day was his present. It all goes well.

Until this bitch shows up.

Undine (the girl depicted at the top of this post) summons some sort of life form to beat the shit out of Takuto.

Until Tiger and the bunny girl comes into to save the day.

She moves like a tiger and stings like bee. ...Or was it "float like a butterfly"? Oh well.

But even they get the crap beaten out of them until Takuto tries to intervene.


He manages to take it out, but not for long, since it gets back up almost immediately.

Tiger and the bunny girl lends him their swords so he can dual-wield, which he's awesome at.

He then proceeds to hack the fight with his signature move: Galactic Cross Slash.


But then that’s not even the end. Undine loses control of the life form and it goes batshit insane and creates clones of itself. They take down Takuto and the two Tiger girls and eventually strangle Wako.

Did I mention that the life forms are REALLY strong? I'm surprised her neck held up for so long.

But Sugata saves her just in time. Took him a while, since Wako was singing RIGHT OUTSIDE HIS HOUSE. Sugata isn’t having any of it and tells them to get away from her.


Seriously that's just awesome.


He then inevitably apprivoises the King Cybody Samekh.


By apprivoising Samehk, he more or less OHKOs every life form clone in the area, but at the cost of his conciousness. The episode ends with Wako crying at Sugata’s side, pleading him to wake up.


This episode was awesome, and I believe this may be one of the turning points in this show so far. Not big epic Tauburn Cybody fight, but made up that with a cool action scene instead. I’m pumped for the next episode.


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