Hyakkaryouran: Samurai Girls 04 – Yukimura Fanservice

Well now. This is just...

With a show like this, how could you not expect one silly episode to provide the fans with fanservice? This episode was all about Yukimura.


Well now, the episode basically starts off with Jubei doing some training. In the last episode, Yukimura had already confirmed that Muneakira is Jubei’s general. In this episode, she begins to wonder why Jubei turns into a master samurai when she kisses Muneakira. She also begins to wonder if the same would happen if any of the other girls were to kiss him. Ambitious thinking, if you ask me.

Look at this guy; questioning the show's logic.

Yuki respect point +2

So anyway, Sen Hime doesn’t like the idea at all (because of course, she has a crush on Muneakira) and says that she will make sure that Yukimura doesn’t get a chance to kiss Muneakira.

Nothing worse than female tension.

By the way, I don't know why I didn't say anything up until know, but...um...carrying your scabbard in your hair? I mean, it looks fine, as long as you don't realize a fucking sword is in there.

So more or less the whole episode is dedicated to Yukimura trying many different ways to kiss Muneakira with Sen Hime and Hanzou stopping her each time.

Muneakira is just collateral damage.

So anyway, it seemed that Yukimura had given up and Muneakira finally gets a chance to relax…

You're in an harem-esque anime. Not happening, buddy.

His face is just hilarious.

Sen Hime and Hanzou had sleeping pills put in their tea beforehand and Yukimura comes in and gets into the hot tub with him. Naked. She attempts to kiss him there, but Sen Hime and Hanzou wake up too early and intervene.



Bakuen Senpa roughly translates as Explosive Flame Flash. This attack blasts everyone out of the bath house. OH AND THEN.


Well now...that's a bit...awkward.




But in the end, she manages to kiss him.


And the same transformation takes place.


She has turned into a master samurai and now she dons a black and red coat. And two fans. Cool.

It seemed that Yukimura was right. I guess for some reason, Muneakira has to power to turn women into vicious samurai when he kisses them. Imagine what sex would be like. So anyway, Yukimura tries out her new powers which I believe are wind-based but she can’t control them and sooner or later she ends up blowing everyone far away.




Episode 4 was cute, but sorta clichéd. But at least it had a purpose which was fulfilled at the end so at least it wasn’t a complete waste of time. So far Yukimura and Master Samurai Jubei are my favourite characters.






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