Sora no Otoshimono Forte 04 – Valkyria Chronicles on Ice

This episode was goooood.

So once again we have an episode fueled by Mikato’s sadistic antics. It’s the first day of snowfall and Mikato holds a snowball fight like no other.

Btw, this certain shot from the OP is interesting. Though it's explained in Episode 3.

It’s a Boy vs Girls match, with Mikato being the general of the girls and Tomoki being the general of the boys (against his will). Mikato sets the rules of the match and the winning team gets to do whatever they want to the losing team. Realizing the virtues of this prize, Tomoki rises up to the challenge.


The whole episode more or less plays out akin to Valkyria Chronicles, hence the title of this post. The boys press on in a seige-like manner to the opposing team. Sooner or later, the boys get OHKO’d by an huge snowman.


Astrea attempts to kill Tomoki once he’s trapped in a snowball, but Ikaros stops him.

"Touch my man, and I will kill you, you whore."

Pretty much.


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