Tales Namco, Lolis and Indignation

Namco Bandai Games


If you’re an avid “Tales of” fan, you’d know that Namco sucks when it comes to localizing their best Tales of games. They also keep re-releasing and porting their games to different consoles because they keep forgetting put certain things in the original. A loli and Indignation, among other things.

This began from the roots of Tales of Phantasia.


Every true hero must have a cape. It is LAW.


  • Tales of Phantasia: Originally released on the Super Famicom or something. Never released outside of Japan. Then it was re-released on the PSX after that I think. This is where they added the lolicon character Suzu Fujibayashi as a playable character (as she was a mere NPC in the original). You could’ve gotten through the game perfectly fine without her, so I don’t know why she was added. Also never released outside of Japan. Then it was re-released again on the GBA, which made it to North America and Europe. There was nothing added here, but whoever was in charge of translating the game did a pretty sucky job. No problems with Indignation since Tales of Phantasia created that spell. This game has gotten more remakes/re-ports than Final Fantasy VII.
  • Tales of Destiny: Originally released on the PSX which got localized, but had some pretty sucky translated names for the attacks. Majinken > Missile Sword. WTF? We know Majinken today as Demon Fang. So anyway it was then re-released and REVAMPED on the PS2 with new attacks, updated graphics, update battle system, the introduction of Blast Caliburs, and added characters. Also they forgot to put Indignation in the original too, so they added it in the remake. What? Don’t look at me like that. Surely you know that Phillia Felice’s 3rd Blast Calibur: Rebirth Crusader is actually Indignation in disguise, right? xD
  • Tales of the Abyss: Weird that it’s getting put in this list but since it’s been announced that it’s getting ported to the 3DS (which we probably won’t get even though the PS2 version was localized) I’m just mentioning it here. I don’t know if there’ll be any new stuff. Indignation was in the original and the party already has a loli.
  • Tales of Vesperia: THIS is where the old and new-gen Tales fans raged. Vesperia was released on the XBOX 360 which made it to Europe and North America. Then Namco used their stupid tactic from Phantasia and ported it to the PS3 with updated graphics, Flynn Scifo as a playable character, new Mystic Artes, they added Indignation as Rita’s second Mystic Arte and they added the lolicon Patty Fleur.
  • Tales of Graces: This is a personal matter because I frickin’ LOVE this game. I have the Japanese Wii version of the game, and the game was never localized. Now, as I’m like…45 hours through the game, guess what Namco does? ANNOUNCE TALES OF GRACES F FOR THE PS3. This is EXACTLY what they did with Vesperia but only worse. The game’s getting Richard as a fully playable character as well as a new story arc added on to the END of the game. NEW STORY? NEW STORY? Not fair. Namco, you do NOT do that shit. It’s also getting Indignation because AGAIN they forgot to put that in the original. Though, Indignation is appearing as a normal high level spell with different and slightly incantation used by Cheria.

Bottom Line: Namco keep porting their games to different console because they keep forgetting to put Indignation and lolis in the original.


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