Bleach Movie 4: Jigoku-hen [Trailer]

Right so I’m sure you’ve heard about it at this point. A fourth Bleach movie is coming out. It’s going to called Jigoku-hen which translates as “Hell Chapter”. Here’s the trailer with the translation below the video. Note that the translations are not mine, they are from the video description. I’m putting it here as well in case you’re streaming it from this blog post. I just properly formatted it and fixed grammatical errors.

Rukia: That place is where even Shinigami couldn’t approach, a prohibited place.. step there and you’ll die/
Ichigo: That place… don’t tell me…!
Rukia: Yes. …Hell.

Ichigo: What’s with these guys’ reiatsu?!
Shuuren: Our wish is to be released from hell.
Kokutoo: When the seal is broken and the two worlds connect, mankind will be destroyed.

Rukia: Go to hell realm and destroy the “sente”.
Shuuren: Destroy the world and then we will gain freedom!

Shuuren: Welcome to Hell!


Ichigo: I can’t lose it.. those precious things/peoples.. I’ll definitely protect them, I have to win even if I have to exchange this life for it!!

Hitsugaya: There’s no time to hesitate!
Renji: Leave it to us!
Kokutoo: In hell, do anything but hollowfy… You will go out of control, and you will never be able to return.
Ichigo: AAAGGGHH!!!
Ishida: Hell is too dangerous for Kurosaki!

Ichigo: I don’t care what will happen to this body!! I will–!

Ichigo: Protect..
Rukia: Ichigo?!
Ichigo: Protect..
Ichigo: I’LL PROTECT!!
Rukia: ICHIGOO!!

— Title : Bleach , Jigoku Hen —

Rukia: No..!! Come back..! ICHIGOOO!!

So that was quite the epic trailer. It seems this is going to be the most darkest Bleach movie yet. The epic trailer music from the start was really good and then BAM, T.M Revolution start singing. I guess they’ll be doing the theme for the movie or something. If you’ve been keeping up with Bleach lately (Ep. 270-onwards) you’d notice that Ichigo’s latest hollow form is in this movie. Note how the marking on his hollow mask is completely different. Welp, this movie’s coming out next year and the dub of Fade to Black should be coming out next month.


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