Star Driver 03 – Mecha Swordplay


Oh, Star Driver…aren’t you an interesting one? This is an original anime, meaning there is no manga of the series, so who knows what to expect? Although to be honest, I’ve noticed with each episode so far, the episodes follow a certain pattern, but I’ll get onto later.

So, there’s this girl who appeared in the show in Episode 2. Her name is Kanako Wanatabe.


Who more or less reminds us all of C.C from Code Geass.

She’s pretty much the class whore as she’s married to a 64 year old French tycoon, and only wants him for his money. That’s why she owns a huge frickin’ yacht nearby. In any case, since all of Takuto’s money for the month got lost in the sea as he swam to the island, he enjoys some nice croquettes from a friend in his class.


They. Are. GODLY.

So anyway, Kanako hires Takuto and his friends to work on her yacht. This involves cleaning her pool which is frickin huge. One of the Kanako’s workers, Takashi, almost ends up knocking Wako on the head with a broom, but Takuto stops it.


In any event, both of them show an decent display of swordplay and Kanako puts the two of them to a duel and says that Takuto will get double pay if he wins.

Don't screw it up, Takuto. The girls are watching.

Now, to quickly deter from the point…

Why the fuck did a Japanese "Despicable Me" commercial show up in the middle of my Star Driver episode? :I

Ahem, so the two fight but it got boring because they were both of equal strength so Kanako called it off. What a bitch.

So, little did Takuto know is that Kanako, Takashi and Simone (another servant of Kanako) are actually members of the Glittering Star Crux Team or whatever, which Kanako being one the head of the “Adult Bank” squad. Simone and Kanako both requests Takashi to defeat Tauburn in battle since Takashi can fight A LOT better than he displayed earlier.


If you haven't figured it out already, this show is where I got my WordPress name from. "Apprivoiser" is French, meaning to tame, or something, which is similar to what is done to activate the Cybodies in Star Driver.

Welp, Takuto has his own henshin which is epic.


Backing track and vocals provided by the North Maiden.


"Sasu o toujou!!"






Sorry, I just love the transformation.~

Uploaded by me in all its HD glory. I had this de-subbed and clipped because I was going to fandub it, but I decided not to. ANYWAY.

So anyway, Takuto doesn’t know who’s up against. He never does. So when Takashi brings out one of the 11 Star Swords, Amethyste and assumes the stance similar to when they fought earlier, Takuto recognizes him.  Or at least I think he does.



"O RLY?"



Regardless, he still gets the crap beaten out of him even though Tauburn brought out his own Star Sword. Then Tauburn gets out another Star Sword, revealing that there is indeed a 12th Star Sword. He fights a lot better this time and finishes Takashi off.





Samurai style.


And that’s the end of that. It’s speculated that Takuto is a dual-wielder which would explain why he sucked so much earlier. Also, apparently Takashi has the same mark as Takuto, or at least it’s hinted at.

Now for the pattern that every episode of Star Driver has followed so far.

  1. Episode starts off with an event school, usually comical
  2. Takuto interacts with a classmate who is usually secretly a member of the Glittering Brigade (whatever they’re called
  3. Another miscellaneous event that instigates trouble
  4. A scene displaying a meeting with the four leaders and Head of the  Glittering Brigade
  5. A member activates his Cybody and challenges Takuto to a fight
  6. Takuto wins
  7. Optionally a truth is revealed/hinted at
  8. The end.

It’s sad because apart from the odd few, EVERYONE on that island is more or less and bad guy. Everyone knows Takuto is the Galactic Pretty Boy, but Takuto doesn’t know who the members of the Glittering Brigade are.








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