Hyakkaryouran: Samurai Girls 03 – Things Got Interesting

Yes, those are Anime Network's crappy subs. But hey, at least I watched the episode legally.

I’m going to try and make this quick since I need to dash to class real soon. Let’s do it in the form of screencaps, okay.

So, Jubei's actually personality is a dizty girl who can't fight for shit. But she has the mark of a master samurai and Yukimura here comes up with a hypothetical theory on who her general might be.

Jubei is questioned during dinner about her identity and where she came from. But Jubei doesn't remember a thing but refers to Muneakira as her older brother.

Now you see, Sen Hime has an obvious crush on Muneakira but keeping to the male protaganist code, he is completely oblivious to it.

Cool looking moon. Anyway, I call refer to her as Sen Hime because her full name is too long and the characters refer to her a Princess Sen. "Hime" = "Princess"

So with Jubei all over Muneakira at night when she wakes up from a bad dream gets a little bit jealous and sees her as an obstacle.

Jubei: "Watashi wa...watashi wa...!"

I think Shana has domain over that quote, Sen Hime. In any case, letting her jealously reach its peak, she tells Jubei to STFU. Jubei then proceeds to kiss Muneakira right in front of her. Owned.

Jubei Yagyuu awakens again in her Master Samurai and beats the shit out of Hanzou, who tried to save Sen Hime.

Here comes the best part. With one swing of her sword, Jubei sends a strong gust of dark wind in Sen Hime's direction.

AND RIPS HER CLOTHES OFF. Talk about Ikki Tousen.

Yukimura eventually saves her ass even after she was sent away from the Yagyuu Dojo. Turns out she stuck around because she knew her hunch was right. The "hypothetical theory" she had earlier turned out to be true. Muneakira Yagyuu is the general of Yagyuu Jubei. The kiss is what awakens her Master Samurai abilities, in exchange for his freedom of movement, which is why he's in invisible chains whenever she fights.

Yukimura Sanada. Probably can't fight for shit, but has a nice range of magic artes and tactical skills.

Jubei Yagyuu. Will almost certainly beat the living crap out of you, looking sexy whilst doing so.

To wrap it up (because I have no more screencaps), this episode shed some light on the situation and who Jubei is exactly. Who Jubei Yagyuu is, where she came from, and who her general is, and how she’s able to go from an idiot to a hot batshit-insane samurai.

But you know what I wanna see? I WANT TO SEE MUNEAKIRA FIGHT! Muneakira is all about serious business, and he is no pushover, unlike 98% of male protagonists in anime. What should happen is that they should train the normal Jubei to hold her own, so Muneakira can move whenever he wants and kick ass. The only time we got to see him draw his blade was in the first episode, but even then he didn’t fight anyone :I

Oh, and I've never read the light novel of this series.


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