Oreimo! 3 – I Totally Saw This Coming

Apparently your brain does this when making decisions.

Oh my, oh my. This episode was interesting. But wow, I saw this one coming. Remember what I said at the end of my last post? When Kyousuke told Kirino not to drop another eroge at the end of last episode, otherwise their father might pick it up. I WAS RIGHT. I saw it coming , but I didn’t expect it to be this soon.

Kirino no baka! She dropped another eroge :I

...Um...a disc?

Uh oh.


Not good. The father is STRONGLY against otaku. After Kirino and her father have a stern talk, Kirino runs out of the house in anger. Kyousuke consoles Kirino, telling her that he’ll sort it out.


Pretty bold method of persuasion, if you ask me.


And it seemed to work, however it wasn’t over yet. The DVD Kirino was seen with was an eroge, and the father threatened to throw that and whatever other eroge she had hidden away in her room. Kyousuke saves her and her eroge by being stupid.


Dumb move, in my opinion.


The only person in the household who owns a computer is Kirino.


Shit like that can backfire, Kyousuke.

And can have painful consequences.

Also, this episode was missing the OP again. But it had an ED sequence this time around. Talk about being inconsistent…



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