Oreimo! 2 – Lelouch! He Lives!!


Even though it’s Kuroneko speaking in the background, that totally sounds like something Lelouch would say. But man, this guy looks a LOT like Lelouch from Code Geass, doesn’t he?

Speaking of Kuroneko, she’s a new character introduced in the second episode of Oreimo. A dark girl clad in gothic lolita clothing who likes anime such as the one depicted above.

Doesn't "Kuroneko" translate as "Black Cat" or something?

Yes, it does. So, she’s met with our little Kirino and starts debating about which kinds of anime are superior.


Sailor Moon's glory days are long gone, Kirino.


In any case, you have to wonder about how long Kirino has been into erotic visual novels, anime and games, considering she’s a middle-schooler.


Yes, Kirino. I'm sure the world of Erotica is a large and intricate one.


Prior to meet Kuroneko, Kirino joins an otaku forum, so she can meet other people like herself who are into the same kinds of stuff she is. Sounds cool enough. She makes her forum address kiririn@theidiotbehindmeisbeingreallyannoying.

Sounds like a memorable email address to me.

So, I don’t know if this is a trend in Akibahara or Japan in general but do waitresses usually write messages in the form of ketchup on your food?


Her phone number would be nice.

Ketchup? On MY Egg Omelette? :I


Episode 2 was a LOT more interesting than the first episode. More things happened and I actually began to appreciate the show more. Initial speculations were that some sort of soft incest would be involved, but clearly that’s not the case. Kirino’s merely ashamed of being an otaku. …and liking erotic stuff.


I get the feeling she probably will.



Oh, and I don’t know why the first episode didn’t have an opening but it has one starting from Episode 2. Here it is.

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