Oreimo! 01 – First Impressions


Ore no Imouto Konanni Kawaii Kawa ga Nai is WAY too long for me to call this so we’re just gonna call it Oreimo. I just started this series today after hearing some good stuff about it, so I thought I’d check it out. I never read the synopsis before watching this so I blindly went in not knowing what to expect.

Basically, the story follows Kyousuke, who apparently hasn’t gotten along well with his little sister, Kirino, for years. She would usually insult him, or just plain ignore the fact that he exists.

But she's so cute and innocent looking! :I

One day, Kyousuke finds a DVD in the entranceway and inside is a CD for an R-rated PC game called Make Love! To Little Sister! or something like that, I forget. Kyousuke begins to wonder who in the household it could belong to. Hmmm…

Welp, definitely not him. Boy, if he was my father I'd have quit anime long ago.

Kyousuke decides to bring the up the subject slyly amongst the family during dinner, to observe their reactions, but none of them seem to have any odd reactions.

Btw, what is it with anime families these days having different colored hair within the family. I mean, I understand the parents, but blue and blonde hair? What?

Later, Kyousuke goes out to the store to buy a few things only to notice that the light in his bedroom window is turned on. He quickly rushes back into his house and finds Kirino in his room looking for something under his bed.

She's looking for your porn stash, Kyousuke.

Turns out that the DVD and the discs inside actually belong to Kirino, despite how strongly she denies it at first.


Later on, in the middle night, Kirino slaps the fuck out of Kyousuke to wake him up and brings him to her room. She confesses her hobby as a collector of erotic little-sister love themed visual novels, anime and manga. I mean she has them all. Life = DOIN’ IT WRONG.

My Younger Sister Is Mai Waifu? Kirino is into some weird shit.

And that’s basically the gist of the first episode. I noticed that it did not have an OP theme and the ED was played throughout the ending scene, which was quite interesting. My initial o art style and color are so and so. The art style and color is nice and bright, but for me, it fails to catch my utmost interest. I’ve got the first 3 episodes of the show downloaded so I may as well watch them all.

"Screw that! GTFO my bed!" If only Persona 3/4's response options were that epic...


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