Hyakkaryouran: Samurai Girls 02 – Jubei Is Awesome

I guess that's the name of the episode? THAT APPEARS AT THE END.

So I’m starting from Episode 2 since I saw the first episode so long ago, which was the Pre-Air shown back in August/September. Not much happened in the first episode, but you know anime are like sometimes. The first episode is crappy and then the second episodes ends up being on a whole new level of awesome. This was the case, as we finally got to see Jubei Yagyuu in action.

"Wa ga nawa... Yagyuu Jubei..."

So last episode Hanzou was chasing down our main male protaganist, Muneakira, and Yukimura and Matabei. Then all of a sudden Jubei falls from the sky and kisses Muneakira. She then proceeds to introduce herself in the same manner as captioned above. By the way, I’m going to be fan-dubbing this scene real soon, so look out for that. Oh, and don’t worry. My fandubs are of good quality.

She seriously looks awesome there. ❤

So with Jubei up and awakened, it’s time for her to kick some ass, no? Hanzou attempts to apprehend Jubei along with the others. Little does she know is that Jubei can pack punch.

Epic. However, the ink blots are one of the most annoying things about this show.

Then proceeds one of the most epic quick-fights I’ve seen in anime for a while.

I mean, LOOK AT THAT SPEED. ...Actually, that's just a bad screencap.

Hanzou eventually gets over powered. But not before she can analyze her power level.

IT'S OVER NINE-THOUSAND!! ...Sorry, it was an appropriate time to do it. But it really is over 9000. It's frickin' 5,000,000!!

Sen Hime comes in and stops the fight and then later on, every is all fine with each other. Turns out, they all know each other and go to the same school or some shit like that. Like, what the hell? Though Hanzou has a habit of getting up in people’s faces.

"You're you calling short, bitch?"


Seems like she lost the staring match against Hanzou.

In any case, later on, Hanzou re-analyzes her and finds out that her power level has changed.

To a measly 20. :I

But since her power level was over 9000 earlier (I’ll stop, I promise), it means that she’s a master samurai. But to prove that the girls need to search her body for a mark that all Master Samurai have. What better way to reveal it to us than to have Jubei fall on top of Muneakira.

If you don't see it, there's something wrong with you.


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